Information Agent

In today's marketplace, oftentimes the difference between a heavily traded issuer and one with little to no activity is the efficacy of that issuer's shareholder communication program. Tracy Shareholder Services believes that an effective, robust shareholder communication program is an essential element to an issuer's investor relations function. Issuers that are able grow market cap find that shareholder responsiveness is a key element with respect thereto.


Acting as an Information Agent, Cathedral Stock Transfer cost-effectively manages the volume of shareholder inquiries that arise from normal daily activity as well as the heavy volume associated with the announcement of a transaction. CST through its cross-functional professional staff of market professionals and creative personnel, as well as its state of the art phone room infrastructure, deliver a robust solution to issuers of any size.


Cahedral Stock Transfer provides:

  • Dedicated, issuer-educated, multi-lingual call centre agents with financial services backgrounds available around 24/7 via a toll-free number;
  • Scripts and shareholder circulars drafted by experienced securities attorneys that serve to provide shareholders with a consistent, effective message developed with an issuer's key message in mind;
  • A high level "concierge" service for institutional and high net worth investors which are a purview of highly educated, experienced securities and capital markets professionals;
  • An aggressive "market sentiment" program whereby Tracy Shareholder Services leverages its extensive network of Broker-Dealers and Information Providers to cost-effectively deliver your  message to select market-movers; and
  •  Creative web development teams that manage your corporate website and social media programs in an effort to leverage an issuer's retail market base.
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