Proxy Solicitation

Issuers in today’s regulatory climate face unique challenges. Micro, Small and Mid cap issuers, together with their Boards and Management teams, are charged with new, ever-evolving compliance and disclosure burdens that can pose sometimes insurmountable burdens. Shareholders and regulators alike demand a level of information disclosure not hereinbefore required.


The legal and compliance professionals at Cathedral Stock Transfer are on the cutting edge of best-of-breed shareholder communication practices – tailored to both retail and institutional investors alike. CST structures cost-effective, winning solicitation strategies by developing productive communications with proxy holders, analyzing voting patterns, and providing expert advisory services to ensure compliance with corporate statutes.


Focusing on mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests and special and routine shareholder meetings, Cathedral Stock Transfer, creates specialized offerings to fit each client’s needs. During a proxy contest, especially with regards to Micro, Small and Mid issuers with often less-than-average float, an ineffective shareholder communication program can scuttle even the most mundane corporate action. CST has successfully represented both management and dissidents in proxy contests throughout North America, the Caribbean and Asia. As experienced securities attorneys and regulatory veterans, Tracy Shareholder Services provides a keen understanding of both the legal and persuasive elements to any proxy or proxy circular.


As the premier shareholder services and communications consultancy, Cathedral Stock Transfer manages all aspects of your company’s proxy or meeting functions. From our legal and compliance professionals drafting expert solicitations and circulars, to our highly trained financial professionals communicating with shareholders through out in-house phone room, CST offers the perfect solution to your corporate action needs.


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