Cathedral Stock Transfer is a leading provider of stock transfer, proxy solicitation and legal compliance services for issuers of all sizes both public and private, domestic or international.


By leveraging our management's vast across-the-table experience as securities and corporate attorneys, CST offers personalized, cost-effective services to issuers. Cathedral Stock Transfer sets an industry standard when it comes to accuracy, competency and efficiency; by offering comprehensive, flexible solutions for our clients.


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Our Transfer Agency Services Include:
DWAC, FAST & DRS Processing
  • Blue Sky Reporting
  • Proxies & Annual Meetings
  • Odd Lot and Lost Shareholder
  • Warrant/Rights Registration
  • Custom Audit Reports
  • Licensed, Bonded Escrow
DTC Eligibility Application
  • Monthly NOBO Analysis
  • Online Proxy Voting
  • Annual Reports & Proxy Delivery
  • EDGAR Filings
  • Online Shareholder Access
  • IPO and M&A Management
Online Access to Shareholder Reports
  • Shareholder Relations
  • FINRA Corporate Action Reporting
  • Direct Stock and ESOP
  • Record Storage & Retention
  • E-Waste Management
  • Tax Reporting
Our Partners
  • Impavix
  • SCG
  • Tracey